The Secret Boutique

Every person is deserving of dignity. That’s what the Secret Boutique project is about.

For those with the money, fashion is a matter of choice. For other students, fashion is the least of their concerns – at least until they get to school.

That’s when fashion become a key to social survival.

We have developed a proven strategy that boosts the self-confidence and esteem of students who are often bullied simply because they don’t have the “right” clothes or lack the funds to purchase personal care products and/or school supplies. In addition to meeting the basic needs of these students, our program helps students who often fall into the trap of “looking down” at others discover empathy, build genuine and lasting relationships with their peers, take a stand against bullying, and nurture a life-long passion for social justice.

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The Green Hanger Project

Fashion is a powerful economic and social engine. Retailers sell $X billion worth of clothing to X million customers each year. Teens and pre-teens drive a major portion of the market, spending X million annually.

With so many clothes, there’s no reason any student should have to worry about having something to wear.

Through The Green Hanger Project, we encourage students who have an abundance of resources to trade in their gently-worn, fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories for the knowledge that they are making the world a bit brighter, more fashionable – and quite possibly warmer – for other students. We also help them organize clothing/personal care product/school supply drives in their schools and communities.

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Go Rock Your World

We believe in the power of simple things to change the world, one person at a time — simple things like rocks, paint, and markers.

The members of the Go Rock Your World network decorate  Encouragement Rocks, which are coded, photographed, cataloged on our Web site, and then placed in public spaces. “Finders” can then log on to the site, enter their rock’s unique code, learn about the prayers and positive thoughts behind it, and add their own story to the site.

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